It seems inevitable that at some point in our lives we find ourselves in a seemingly irresolvable dispute with a business partner, family member, neighbor or other party. Litigation is costly in time, money and emotion.

Pre-Suit Mediation can be
a better solution


When money or other valuable matters are involved, people often must resort to filing a lawsuit to settle the dispute. Although most lawsuits are settled prior to trial, usually an unbelievable amount of cost is involved in the settlement including attorney fees, deposition costs, court reporter fees, filing fees, etc. When a dispute is not settled and goes to trial, either a judge or jury makes the final decision about the dispute leaving the parties feeling as if they don’t control the outcome.


At Adinamis & Saunders, we believe parties can avoid the time, cost and emotional anguish of litigation by utilizing a process called, pre-suit mediation, which solves the problem before a lawsuit is even filed. It’s accomplished through a trained independent mediator who can work with the parties to come up with a resolution that will be acceptable to everyone.
We believe the parties' worst day in pre-suit mediation may be better than the best day in trial. Here are some of the many advantages when working with our firm:


•  It’s faster and less expensive than a lawsuit
•  Reduces or eliminates attorney’s fees and court costs
•  It makes it easier to preserve ongoing relationships
•  Less time away from your business than with a lawsuit
•  It minimizes the potential for unfavorable publicity
•  No chance of losing in court. You control the final outcome  


Getting Started

All of us at Adinamis & Saunders strive to be flexible and we work to customize our pre-suit mediation around the particular needs and desires of the parties and counsel. If you have further questions about pre-suit mediation feel free to call our office at 317.218.2600 to schedule mediation or to discuss your situation with a trained mediator.